Tips to get in shape for summertime

We have a few months left to summer 2021. So if you are thinking that you would love to be in shape when the moment comes, we have good news. It’s the perfect time to start a summer workout routine.  And luckily we have we have some great tips to get that beach body ready for the summer.  

Keep in mind that the benefit of being fit has more to do with a healthy lifestyle than with having a perfect body. However, we are aware that some people can find in the upcoming summer season the impulse that they need or an opportunity to start with healthy lifestyle habits. If this is your case, here you have some steps you should follow.

Set a goal

The first step is to set a goal. We are not talking about a number but beyond that. To be in shape is not only about losing weight. What do you want or need? Strength? Tone your body? Endurance? Be able to practice some sport this summer? This is the most important thing you need to think about. If you do not focus on what you want to achieve, it will be difficult for you to be constant. When your why matters, your actions will too.

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Eat healthily

It will not be worth planning an amazing workout if you keep having bad eating habits. Eating a healthy balanced diet is an essential part of your physical and mental health. Both to preventing weight gain or maintain weight loss it is important that regular exercise is accompanied by healthy food. Also, by eating a well-balanced diet you will have enough energy, better sleep, and mood.

Have you ever heard about ‘Realfooding’? We have written recently an article about it. There you can find some inspiration to start a healthy life, products you should avoid, and why.

What is Realfooding and what are the benefits


Of course, this is the most important step to achieve your fitness aim for the upcoming bathsuit season. It will depend on what goal you set at first and what your preferences are. Do you like going to the gym or do you prefer doing exercise outdoors? Would you like to take up a new sport or would you like to workout at home?

For example, if you like going to the gym and your goal is to build muscle there you have a long list of machines that will help you and group classes too. Here are some of the best sports to build muscle.

A common goal is to lose weight and tone the body. To achieve this you need a daily routine based on doing some cardio activity and combine it with strength exercises. Do not think just about gyms… You could start with something new for you like yoga. But remember, the most important thing is to choose something you enjoy.

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Really? By resting would I succeed on my challenge to get to summer in good shape? The answer is… Yes, Absolutely! Not just resting, obviously, but rest is really important within your workout routine. Your muscles, tissues, and even your mind need time to recover and repair. Between workouts, you will need exercise rest days for your body to adapt and recover. This is important to avoid overtraining, to grow and build muscle, or to have better sleep.

Why exercise rest days are so important  

Do you see? There are no miracle formulas, just one and always the same: Eating well, planning your fitness workout, resting, and being focus on what you want. Just the last reminder: To be fit have a lot of benefits on your mind and body. Take advantage of your motivation to be in shape for summer 2021 to maintain a workout routine and a healthy lifestyle that always accompanies you. When you practice sports, eat well, and lead a healthy life your body and mind appreciate it.

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